Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin


Our Low Viscosity (LV) Epoxy Resin is the first resin in our MAS Epoxies 2:1 non-blushing system.  It can be paired with three different hardeners and mixed with FLAG Resin so you can customize your epoxy to your unique needs.

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What You Can Expect
  • No messy wash downs due to non-blushing properties
  • Easily laminates large areas of fiberglass or carbon cloth when paired with Slow Hardener
  • Ideal for saturation coating because of self-leveling properties
  • Low viscosity is compatible with vacuum bagging applications
  • Excellent sealant when used without fiberglass or carbon cloth
  • Clear finish means you get the structure and finish you want with one product
Product Specifications
  • Mix Ratio: 2 to 1 by volume
  • Gel Time: Varies by hardener
  • Hardness: 83-84 Shore D
  • Color: Clear