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Scaling her art business to full time in less than a year, Jenna from @artsncraftsbyjen is fresh out of college and has been living her dream of being a full time artist for 5 months now. She mainly specializes in ocean resin art, and often incorporates the cremated remains of a customer’s loved one into her artwork per their request. This holiday she’ll be taking a well deserved break from working through her wait list of nearly 100 people for pieces with cremated remains. Her favorite resin to use is MAS Epoxies Table Top Pro because it gives her the best white lacing for her oceans, but she loves using their flag system too because it’s such a time saver! If you’re interested in some of her work, check out her next website restock coming early February!

Amazing Ocean Art

Jenna specializes in creating captivating ocean art with wood, epoxy resin, and other media. Her use of color and texture is absolutely breathtaking! Make sure to check out her website for all of her availble art and upcomming restocks.


Resin Ocean Wall Art

Resin Guitar Wall Art

OCean Resin Trinket Dishes

Pineapple Ocean Dish