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2017 WoodenBoat Festival in Port Townsend, WA

MAS Epoxies participated in the 41st annual WoodenBoat Show in Port Townsend, Washington this year. Thousands of wooden boat builders, workers and enthusiasts attend the show over the weekend. Below is a walk-through of the festival with some pictures of our loyal epoxy users such as Chesapeake Light CraftRedfish KayakDevlin Boat Co. and Kea Kayaks with all of there beautiful work displayed.

Chesapeake Light Craft

Chesapeake Light Craft is always a big attraction at the Boat Show.  The stitch and glue kits they offer are easy to build with step by step instructions using MAS Epoxy to put them together.  The CLC booth is always busy and a fun place to learn about how a novice can build a wooden boat by themselves.

At the CLC booth, they schedule demos throughout the show during the afternoon hours. They provide great demonstrations on how to work with MAS Epoxy wetting out fiberglass, filling joints and other common applications of boat building. Therefore, answering questions for beginners or professionals.

The CLC Teardrop camper kit was on display this year and it is quite the attraction.

Kea Kayaks

Casey Wilkinson, owner of Kea Kayaks, is a local builder to the Seattle area.  Casey’s kayaks and designs are skillfully crafted using MAS Epoxies.  It is always good seeing him at the show with his beautiful kayaks on display.

Devlin Designing Boatbuilders

Sam Devlin, Owner of Devlin Design Boat Co.There were four Devlin Boats in the harbor this year. Joesphine, Goose Lodge, Kingfisher and Scout. It’s a great time going down to the dock and talking with Sam about his designs. Sam has been using MAS Epoxies for over 25 years and all his boats are built using MAS.

Redfish Kayaks

Our first stop in Port Townsend was at Redfish Kayaks. We met with the owner Joe Greenley and helped him out with a few gallons of epoxy for his upcoming class. Joe builds his beautiful kayaks with MAS Epoxies and supplies epoxy at his shop if you are local to the area and in need of epoxy.

Overall, it was a great weekend in Port Townsend meeting a variety of woodworkers, boat builders and furniture designers exchanging conversation and ideas of current and future projects.

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