2:1 clear epoxy

Our Low Viscosity and FLAG resins along with 3 speeds of hardeners make up our 2:1 epoxy system. Since these products do not blush, you can continue laminating before the product has completely cured instead of waiting to wash and sand before the next coat. This means you can recoat the same day and save at least twice the time.

The resins and hardeners are all compatible for custom blending to meet the various shop conditions our customers work in. Mix the two resins to vary the starting viscosity, mix hardeners for custom speeds (or do both!) as long as the ratio is two-parts resin to one-part hardener by volume these products will result in high strength solids with excellent moisture resistance. These products are both structural and non-blushing, making for the perfect combination of strength, integrity and a beautiful finish.

FLAG/Medium filling in knots
Fiberglass Cloths for Wood Projects
MAS 2:1 Clear Epoxy System