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3 Tips to Keep Dust Out of Resin Art

Aug 12th 2022


Your project is done, it was so much work, but it was worth it! But wait, what's that, something tiny standing between you and resin perfection? It's dust, one of the greatest enemies to resin pieces. From little specks to pet "autographs", here are Brigitte Coovert's top tips to keep dust out of your resin.  

Here's A Little More About Brigitte!

I'm Brigitte and I am a self-taught abstract mixed media artist living in Florida. I have been working with resin for many years and the finish that it gives to my mixed media work emphasizes its otherworldly quality. The art that I make is an expression of life with chronic illness and the way that trauma, illness, and loss change our lives. However, the emphasis of my work is on the joy, hope, and color we can still experience even when life treats us in unexpected ways.

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3 Easy Steps to NO MORE DUST in Your Resin!

Step 1: Turn Off the AC

While proper ventilation is important when working with resin, circulating air is going to keep dust buddies swirling around your workspace. Once your resin is mixed and you are waiting for it to de-gas, turn off the AC and let the dust settle.

Step 2: Spray Bottle

Wanting to go a step further? I highly recommend misting the air with a spray bottle full of water. It knocks floating dust to the ground and helps keep it from getting stirred up as you work. Just remember to cover your mixed resin and project before busting out the spray bottle.

Step 3: Cover Your Resin

This tip is everywhere, of course you know to cover your resin! However, while most people use a cardboard box, I recommend investing in a large plastic container, preferably a shallow one. Why? It lets you keep an eye on your pieces while they cure. That way you can check on them without lifting the lid and stirring up dust. If you keep it sealed, clean it before use, and only use it to protect your projects, it will be one of your best anti-dust allies.

Bonus! Here's my anti-dust workflow:

  • Clean the plastic container and gather supplies
  • Prep the project and cover it with the plastic container
  • Mix MAS Resin
  • While it degasses, cover the resin (paper towel suggested) and turn off the AC
  • After the AC is off for a few minutes, mist the air with the water bottle
  • After the degassing is complete, uncover the project and set the container somewhere safe
  • Pour the resin
  • Check for dust and remove it with a toothpick
  • Cover the project and ventilate the room
  • Check obsessively every hour for 2-3 hours
  • If you have to lift the container, cut the AC and mist the air one more time