Check out some of our featured epoxy products including epoxy resin for woodworking and epoxy resin for art.  These popular products each serve a unique function for your projects.  Mas Epoxy products offer specialized consistencies, work life and physical properties for  your specific needs.  Several of our featured products are woodworking epoxy resin systems that will save you time on your next project.

About MAS Epoxies Resin Products

We are proud to manufacture our own epoxy products in our facility in South St. Paul Minnesota.  As a manufacturer for over 20 years we can offer specialized epoxy resin systems that meet our customer’s needs.  When you buy our resin systems you also get the confidence of knowing we provide technical support and years of expertise along with your purchase.

MAS Epoxies provides epoxy resin for wood, boats or woodworking projects.  We also created new products including an artist resin and deep pour system.  Whether you’re into woodworking with epoxy, artist resin or building a boat we have you covered.  Get started on an epoxy project and feel the sense of accomplishment you get from creating something completely unique.

Epoxy Resin Casted Legs on Wooden Desk



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