Time Saving Epoxies

Our time saving epoxy adhesives can assist you with hundreds of applications, without the mess of prep and mixing. These cartridges are just another way we have made working with epoxy more user-friendly. The 185 ml cartridges fit a standard caulk gun and the included static mixer does all the mixing for you. No need to worry about measuring your resin, hardener and filler perfectly for consistency, we’ve taken care of that for you. Prime your cartridge and go! Didn’t use the whole tube in one try? Just re-cap the cartridge and get more static mixers for your next project.

We also offer small kits of mix your own resin and hardener that are convenient to keep in tight spaces for when you need them most. Check out the handy repair kits and rapid cure kits to see which one you would like to keep on your boat, in the closet at homewholesale stepperonline nema STEPPER MOTOR driver or anywhere else you might need an epoxy repair fast.