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Knowing when to stop overworking your project

Any type of epoxy project is going to take time and effort. Whether you have spent countless hours painting a masterpiece onto a canvas or adding more and more detail to your work, knowing when to stop is always a struggle. This 8″x11″ canvas was hand painted with acrylic paint. Took around 2 hours […]

How to Price Your Own Artwork and Projects

How to Price your Own Artwork & Projects If you’re just starting out selling your artwork, woodworking projects or crafts, figuring out your own artist commission rates can be daunting. Even if you’ve been selling on a marketplace like Etsy or on an independent website for years, you can still use this guide and to […]

removing sticky epoxy

How to Remove Soft & Sticky Epoxy

If you ever have an issue where the epoxy remains soft and sticky on the surface 24 hrs after applying, the epoxy has not cured.  Uncured epoxy is the result of a few common mistakes most likely caused by the following: Not Mixed thoroughly Epoxy needs to be thoroughly mixed for it to cure correctly.  […]

Epoxy Resin End Grain Coffee Table

Getting Started If you are looking for a budget-friendly table, bar or countertop that is really simple to build, look no further!  You can likley source the branches and logs from your own yard! Follow along with Jessica @nottooshabbybyjess step-by-step to see just how simple this build is! Materials Needed: MAS Penetrating Epoxy MAS Tabletop Epoxy *MAS […]

DIY Wakesurf Board

Build your own Wakesurf Board out of foam, fiberglass and epoxy! Learn how to complete the process from start to finish along and see what materials you will need for this fun project! Check out the video Shaping your Board Trace out your board design and cut it to shape. Once you have your board […]

DIY Coffee Table out of Sculpted Panel

The following video/article provides you the step by step process on how to make a unique coffee table out of a sculpted panel and step pouring epoxy. The creativity with epoxy is endless! In collaboration with Sculpted Panels, we selected this “Netted” pattern and had it cut down to 24″x48″x1.5″. Sculpted Panels offers a wide […]

Epoxy Ocean Guitar with DIY Huntress

The MAS Epoxies team was lucky enough to meet Sam – aka DIY Huntress – last year at our Maker Meetup.  Sam really got a hang of some resin art techniques and approached us with an idea for this epoxy resin guitar.  Of course we said yes, we’d love to be a part of this […]

MAS Epoxies available at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

DIY and professional woodworkers alike have loved MAS Epoxies specialty woodworking products since our launch. Our easy to use product line offers everything needed from start to finish on any type of woodworking project.  Here are some of the products Rockler will selling in their stores! Penetrating Epoxy Sealer MAS Epoxies Penetrating Epoxy Sealer is […]