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How to Make a River Table

At MAS Epoxies, we get asked how to build a river table very often.  So, we want to provide you with step by step instructions and video that shows you the process of building a live edge river table from start to finish.  Keep reading for all the steps and materials needed to build your […]

Why is my epoxy not hardening?

There are numerous reasons why resin can cure improperly. If you found this page you were probably thinking… Why is my resin flexible? How long does resin take to dry? This article will help explain the main culprits for a tacky or improperly cured epoxy resin pour!  Mix Ratio Each system is a two part epoxy meaning Part A & Part […]

Why is my epoxy resin hot and smoking?

What is an Exothermic Reaction? If you found this post you probably had this experience! You look over and see your epoxy resin smoking or maybe your mixing cup melted. When you mix Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener) together new chemical bonds begin to form causing an epoxy exothermic reaction. Energy is released […]

Epoxy Resin Leg Floating Desk

Epoxy Floating Desk by Woodshop Diaries

When Shara of Woodshop Diaries approached us about creating a different type of “floating” desk we were all ears.  Her woodworking projects are not only beautiful, but she shares the steps to take to recreate them with us so the brave can tackle them on their own.  Here are some of the highlights of this build. Make […]

Red White and Blue Epoxy with Soldier Ink Transfer

Memorial Day Resin Art

Transferring Images with Epoxy Resin In honor of Memorial Day, we want to thank and remember those Military Members who gave their lives protecting our great country. We made a special resin art project to honor those who have fallen. This project was made using MAS Epoxies Table Top Epoxy in layered pours. Once the […]

Kim Rose Art Table Top Epoxy

Awesome Resin Art with MAS Epoxies

We are super impressed with the creative resin art our customers have been making.  Adding resin to canvas or other media can give some awesome dimensional effects you can’t get any other way.  Check out the wood and resin, canvas and color art made with our epoxy. From canvas art to coasters here are some […]

MAS Table Top Pro Epoxy FAQ

Here is a list of common tips and techniques about MAS Table Top Pro epoxy application process. Product information regarding cure time, surface preparation, hardness, mixing quantities and more. Therefore, making your experience with MAS Table Top Pro epoxy as easy as possible. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Nitrile gloves, Tyvek arm guards, and disposable aprons […]

Live Edge Bar Top | MAS Table Top Epoxy

Using dried poplar wood, we constructed two 3′ x 12′ foot bar tops for a wedding. Each bar top consists of three live edge slabs that were planed, sanded and assembled with a Kreg jig. Once the bar tops were assembled, we coated them using MAS Table Top Epoxy. 1 gallon kit of MAS Table […]