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What is the heat rating of epoxy resin?

Tabletop epoxy ‘Heat Resistance’? What does that even mean? Does it really matter? Is that the temperature can I safely subject my epoxy counter too? All good questions, lets take a closer look!

The terms epoxy resin heat resistance, epoxy resin temperature resistance, service temperature, temperature rating, thermal glass transition temperature, and heat deflection temperature are popping up quite a bit in tabletop epoxy marketing these days, but they don’t all mean the same thing. ‘Heat Resistance’ in particular, can be a little misleading.

The Ultimate Epoxy Resin Mixing Guide

1. Find a suitable size container. Use an appropriate sized cup so your epoxy only fills 3/4 of the way to the top. 

2. Combine resin and hardener at recommended mix ratio.

3. Mix for 3-4 minutes while scraping sides and bottom of container until no streaks or striations.

4. Transfer to second container mix 1-2 minutes again until fully blended

5. Let sit for 1-2 minutes to allow air bubbles a chance to start rising to surface, and then use immediately.

removing sticky epoxy

How to Remove Soft & Sticky Epoxy

If you ever have an issue where the epoxy remains soft and sticky on the surface 24 hrs after applying, the epoxy has not cured.  Uncured epoxy is the result of a few common mistakes most likely caused by the following: Not Mixed thoroughly Epoxy needs to be thoroughly mixed for it to cure correctly.  […]

The Easiest Way to Measure Epoxy by Volume

Using MAS Epoxies Pre-marked Cups to Measure and Mix We want to save you time and using pre-marked mixing cups is the easiest way to measure your resin.  Not only that, measuring and mixing epoxy properly is the best way to ensure your project will be a thing of beauty and not a gummy mess.  […]

Why is my epoxy not hardening?

There are numerous reasons why resin can cure improperly. If you found this page you were probably thinking… Why is my resin flexible? How long does resin take to dry? This article will help explain the main culprits for a tacky or improperly cured epoxy resin pour!  Mix Ratio Each system is a two part epoxy meaning Part A & Part […]

Why is my epoxy resin hot and smoking?

What is an Exothermic Reaction? If you found this post you probably had this experience! You look over and see your epoxy resin smoking or maybe your mixing cup melted. When you mix Part A (resin) and Part B (hardener) together new chemical bonds begin to form causing an epoxy exothermic reaction. Energy is released […]

MAS Table Top Pro Epoxy FAQ

Here is a list of common tips and techniques about MAS Table Top Pro epoxy application process. Product information regarding cure time, surface preparation, hardness, mixing quantities and more. Therefore, making your experience with MAS Table Top Pro epoxy as easy as possible. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Nitrile gloves, Tyvek arm guards, and disposable aprons […]

What is Non-blushing Epoxy?

What is Amine Blush? Amine blush is a chemical reaction that can occur when environmental conditions are favorable for the amine curing agent on the surface of the coating to react with carbon dioxide and moisture in the atmosphere to form a carbamate.  Or in more practical terms, the reaction some epoxy resin systems have with the air […]