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DIY Wakesurf Board

Build your own Wakesurf Board out of foam, fiberglass and epoxy! Learn how to complete the process from start to finish along and see what materials you will need for this fun project! Check out the video Shaping your Board Trace out your board design and cut it to shape. Once you have your board […]

Epoxy & Varnish Tied the Knot

Dynamic Duo We are happy to announce that MAS Epoxies has joined with Bristol Finish to offer the best epoxy & UV varnish systems for interior & exterior applications from start to finish. Bristol Finish is a two part acrylic polyurethane that replaces varnish and lasts longer.  When you combine MAS Epoxies and Bristol Finish […]

2017 WoodenBoat Festival in Port Townsend, WA

MAS Epoxies participated in the 41st annual WoodenBoat Show in Port Townsend, Washington this year. Thousands of wooden boat builders, workers and enthusiasts attend the show over the weekend. Below is a walk-through of the festival with some pictures of our loyal epoxy users such as Chesapeake Light Craft, Redfish Kayak, Devlin Boat Co. and Kea Kayaks with all of there […]

What is Non-blushing Epoxy?

What is Amine Blush? Amine blush is a chemical reaction that can occur when environmental conditions are favorable for the amine curing agent on the surface of the coating to react with carbon dioxide and moisture in the atmosphere to form a carbamate.  Or in more practical terms, the reaction some epoxy resin systems have with the air […]

Which Epoxy Resin to Use?

“Which epoxy resin should I use?”  An excellent question, and one we get asked all the time.  So, let’s dive into the resin options in our 2:1 Non-Blushing system.  We will explain the differences between our LV or Low Viscosity resin and its counterpart FLAG resin so you know which one you want to use […]

Infusion Resin on Carbon Fiber Kayak with Nick Schade Carbon Fiber Epoxy Infusion Application Nick Schade, the owner and builder of Guillemot Kayaks, came to us at MAS Epoxies about a carbon fiber kayak build. As we all know carbon fiber has great physical properties but it is difficult to use with a hand layup. So, he sought out a resin suited for […]