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Custom Epoxy Bench

Sep 8th 2021

Mod Podge vs Epoxy Resin

Can you put epoxy over Mod Podge? Yes, we recommend it! In this project we poured epoxy resin over Mod Podge because it helped to seal the coasters. The Mod Podge protects the paper coasters from discoloring when epoxy is poured over them.

If you are going to embed pictures in epoxy or coasters we recommend sealing with Mod Podge first. That way the epoxy won't discolor your prized photographs or mementos. Follow the instructions on the Mod Podge to make sure it's compatible with your project.

Apply Mod Podge to Coasters

Mod Podge works great for sealing and bonding coasters to the wood surface. Easy to use and dries clear.

Using a foam brush, apply Mod Podge to back side of the coasters and adhere to the surface.

Once the coasters are bonded to the surface, apply Mod Podge generously to the top and the edges to prevent air bubbles.

Measure & Mix Epoxy

Using Table Top Pro, measure 1A:1B by volume or, 100A:83B by weight.

Mix epoxy, for larger batches you can use a drill with a paddle mixer. Be sure to mix on a slow speed with a drill. Mixing too fast will produce a lot of bubbles and can potentially turn the epoxy cloudy.

After mixing with a drill, be sure to scrape the sides of the cup to ensure a thorough mix. Once mixed you'll be ready to pour.

Pour Epoxy & Spread Evenly

Pour mixed epoxy onto the center of the surface.

Spread epoxy evenly over the surface toward the edges using your gloved hand, plastic spreader or notched trowel.

Once the surface is covered, the epoxy will start to warm up and become thinner which will result in self-leveling. Epoxy will start to run off the edges and you can tip the edge with a gloved hand or foam brush for nice smooth edges.

Apply Heat to Release Bubbles

Using a torch or heat gun, apply heat over surface to release air bubbles.

Be sure to continuously move your heat source 3-4 inches above the surface.

Pro Tip: After applying heat over the entire surface, wait around 5 minutes and repeat the process.

Allow Epoxy to Cure

Allow epoxy to fully cure prior to use.

Full cure for epoxy is 5-7 days at 70F.

Once cured, install and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment!

Build Your Own Custom Epoxy Bench!

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