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Custom Epoxy River Tables by John Marley of Finewoodworking

Feb 28th 2021

Custom Epoxy River Tables with Deep Pour Epoxy

We found John Marley while browsing through Instagram for interesting resin projects. After stumbling upon @finewoodworking, we noticed some pretty awesome work.

John had already been using MAS Epoxies to build his custom epoxy river tables. And after reaching out to him out of curiosity he let us know he was having an issue with pouring his epoxy resin.

During our discussion we found out he couldn’t pour as thick as he wanted to. It seemed like our slow hardener just wasn’t slow enough. We hoped to solve this issue so he could keep making amazing river tables.

Previously, John created the illusion of deeper water by adding more blue dye to the resin in different layers. This would take multiple pours and mixtures of epoxy and ultimately, a lot of time. We recommended our Deep Pour Epoxy System (formally know as LV/INFUCURE). This system is a 3:1 mix ratio by volume and can be poured up to 2″ thick, (depending on mass and ambient working temperature) while still curing clear. Deep Pour epoxy system is a very slow curing system and can take more than 24 hours to fully cure at 70 degrees. Finally, John can speed up his process by pouring thicker with a slower hardener.

After Reaching out to John, he was kind enough to share some posts on his Instagram.

“I would like to personally thank Derek from @masepoxies for taking the time to reach out to me via email about my table tops. The people at MAS saw my table threw Instagram and emailed me to see which products of theirs I was using. We then started talking about the processes and other details that go into make these table tops. A lot of people ask me what brand product I like to use and here it is. Thanks again MAS for sending out some products for me to test with. And if you don’t already follow them, give it a click and check them out.”

Two slabs of wood with Deep Pour Epoxy System. Plus blue dye to create an illusion of depth to the epoxy creating these beautiful, custom epoxy River Tables by John Marley @finewoodworking.