About Hailey

Location: Ormond Beach, Florida

How long have you used epoxy resin?
I have been using resin for about a year and a half now for art purposes. I also dabbled in it a little bit when I made surfboards.

Why did you choose epoxy?
I chose epoxy as my main medium because of its fluidity. Also, I like the fact that I can choose how short or fast my epoxy can dry by using different hardeners that are compatible. This means that if I want to have 15 minutes to work with my resin before it hardens, I can choose that, or if I want 30 minutes of working time, I can choose that instead.

What are your choice mediums?
My choice mediums are MAS epoxy resins on surfaces such as birch wood and ceramic tiles, occasionally dabbling on a surfboard here or there. The pigments that I use are mostly ranges of blue to portray a realistic aerial painting of the ocean. The pigments I utilize and love are from Etsy Sellers as well as another artist on Instagram, Bree Poort. I like to support other artists by purchasing their raw goods to make my fine art.

What are your “Must-Have” supplies?
· MAS Tabletop resin or MAS ArtPRO resin
· Silicone stirring sticks
· Any color pigments you would like to use
· A drill with a mixing attachment
· A heat gun
· A butane torch
· A 3M respirator
· A palm sander
· Gloves
· 3M masking tape
· Measuring buckets or cups
· Birch wood panels or ceramic tiles

I also have a full list of supplies I use linked here on my Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/shop/haileynolin

What advice or tips would you give to someone just starting out using resin?
I would tell them to have patience, because it takes a little while to learn the medium. Don’t start by having a specific piece that you want to create in mind, but rather wait to make that piece when you get more accustomed to the art form and start by experimenting with the resin and how pigments react with it. Then, once you are a little more comfortable with epoxy resin, go ahead and paint what you dreamt of, because you are READY!

What are the qualities to look for in a resin you would use for your art?
· Versatile
· Crystal clear
· Has good reviews from other resin artists
· Very durable
· Scratch-resistant
· Self-leveling
· Easy to understand mixing ratios

Studio Space:
My studio is a third bedroom in my house that I converted into a well-ventilated area with lots of light, some plants to add to the fun, and a massive 7ft x 5ft custom studio table that my dad and I built. I love my studio, and it’s very convenient since it’s literally in my home!

How can someone interested in your work contact you?
You can contact me via Instagram, my website, or by email listed below! I typically respond well within 6-12 hours.

Social Channels
· Instagram: @artisthaileynolin
· Pinterest: @artisthaileynolin
· Email: artisthaileynolin@gmail.com
· Website: haileynolin.com