About Kelly

Location: Northridge, California

How long have you used epoxy resin?
I started experimenting with epoxy resin in July of 2018.

Why did you choose epoxy?
I was using acrylic paints with brush on gloss varnishes for most of my paintings. I wanted a material that was more durable, functional and had killer shine with no brush strokes…Epoxy resin was the perfect answer!

What are your choice mediums?
I primarily use high flow acrylics to color my epoxy. For substrates, I use everything from ceramic dishes and shells to canvases and wood!

What are your “Must-Have” supplies?
Embossing Heat Gun
Popsicle Sticks
Plastic or Silicone mixing cups
Plastic Sheeting or Silicone Mats
Painter’s Pyramids
Boxes to use as dust covers

What advice or tips would you give to someone just starting out?
One lesson, that I had to learn the hard way when first starting out was that…DUST IS THE ENEMY! A great way to nip that issue in the butt is to use boxes to cover your curing epoxy pieces. Don’t worry though, if some dust or hair still sneaks in, just sand the surface of your fully cured piece and add a clear resin top coat! No one will ever know that an oops occurred!

What are the qualities to look for in a resin you would use for your art?
1. Hardness/ scratch resistance
2. Work time/ viscosity
3. Shine

How do those qualities match with ArtPRO?

1. ArtPRO has about the same/greater hardness and scratch resistance as the Table Top system.
2. ArtPRO has a 60-minute work time.
3. ArtPRO’s shine is stunning!

How can someone interested in your work contact you?
The best way to contact me is through my email (Kellymjohnson91@gmail.com) or Instagram DM (@Kellyybellyy62).

Studio space:
My current work space is the kitchen table. I have also commandeered the dining room table as my “drying area” …as well as the office for more storage.

Social Channels:
Instagram: @Kellyybellyy62 and @Kreativelykelly
Facebook: Kreatively Kelly
Email: Kellymjohnson91@gmail.com
Pinterest: Kellyybellyy62