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Kelsey Gonzales

About Kelsey

Location: California

How long have you used epoxy resin? 
I started in 2016 and haven’t stopped since!

Why did you choose epoxy? 
A customer of mine wanted to have a shiny finish on a piece I was making for her. My boyfriend suggested using something called resin. I had no idea what it was, but after a ton of research, I got my first bottle and immediately became addicted! 

What are your choice mediums?
Resin is obviously my go to choice for mediums at the moment. I don’t stick to one specific style of art, so I use a lot of different substrates! But one of my favorite things to do is go to thrift shops. You can find so many vintage and unique pieces to pour on which makes the finished product really special.

What are your “Must-Have” supplies?
– MAS resin (ARTPRO or Tabletop Epoxy)
– Acrylic paint (Mixture of colors)
– Resin Pastes (especially for the white)
– Wood, bowl, panel, etc. Anything you want to pour on top of!
– Heat gun
– Torch
– Blue Painters Tape (For trims and baseboards. Nothing works better!)
– Measuring cups
– Popsicle sticks
– Paper Towels
– Gloves
– Respirator

What advice or tips would you give someone just starting out?
Don’t feel like you need to spend tons of money to get started! All you really need is resin, and some cheap acrylic paints to experiment and get the hang of it! I would be strategic on what you spend your money on. For instance, I like to spend extra money on the white resin pastes I use since I am particular with what kind of lacing I’m looking for, but I don’t mind using regular acrylic paints for some of my blues and other colors! Don’t feel like you need to break the bank just because some other people use expensive products.

What are the qualities you to look for in a resin you would use for your art?
I tend to look for durability the most. Something that doesn’t yellow over time and something that can withstand being handled and used as a tray. I make a lot of functional pieces, so I want something that can withstand being used on a daily basis!

How do those qualities match with ARTPRO?
ARTPRO has checked all my boxes so far! It’s really easy to work with and is perfect for beginners because the working time is longer than the regular Tabletop. It also cures rock solid and remains durable which is super important to me!

How can someone interested in your work contact you?
Email and Instagram are the easiest ways to get a hold of me!

Social Channels
Instagram: lovekelseyrae

Studio Space:
I work at home and my studio space changes constantly! I started in my dining room but now have moved into the backyard where there’s a lot more space.

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