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Knowing when to stop overworking your project

Any type of epoxy project is going to take time and effort. Whether you have spent countless hours painting a masterpiece onto a canvas or adding more and more detail to your work, knowing when to stop is always a struggle.

This 8″x11″ canvas was hand painted with acrylic paint. Took around 2 hours of work to replicate the movie poster IT. The painting turned out great and the next step was to apply MAS Art Pro to protect the painting. 

The next step was to produce some black lacing around the edges to add more to the piece.

The video below shows exactly what went wrong. Here is the quick breakdown.

  • Black pigment did not lace
  • Torch burned the canvas
  • Weight of epoxy caused the canvas to sink
  • Proceeded to add more black pigment which only made it worse

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  1. Thanks so much I just started a biz in South Florida doing epoxy on concrete. Always looking for tips. And used grinders.

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