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Learn How to Make Amazing Coasters with Epoxy Resin!

Perfect gift ideas You will Love to Create!

The most important step is having the right materials. Here is what you will need: MAS Epoxies Table Top Pro, the Seekone heat gun, Pixiss ceramic coaster bases, and Armor Art white pigment for waves & lacing.

Why I use MAS

"I am honored and incredibly appreciative that MAS Epoxies invited me to be a Content Partner. Not only has their high-quality product helped bring my art to life like no other medium could, the company's mission to educate, inspire and promote makers of all skill-sets and experience levels is what really drew me to MAS. I have never seen a company so dedicated to knowledge-sharing, community, inclusivity and accessibility. MAS treats their customers and all aspiring artists, creators and makers like friends and family."

- Lisa Marie Art & Design

3 Epoxy Resin Tips from Lisa Marie

Experiment until you find the Tools & Products that work best for you

I've tried several different brands of pigments, heat guns, base materials, etc. Some worked, some led to my biggest failures. The key is to not give up and remember that through our failures, we learn. Keep experimenting and practicing until you find what works best for you and your style. For me, I've had great success with MAS Epoxies Table Top Pro, the Seekone heat gun, Pixiss ceramic coaster bases, and Armor Art white pigment for waves & lacing.

Inspiration is Everywhere

Most of the inspiration for my resin art comes from nature, music, digital art, or from pieces that were created by non-resin artists. I like to connect with other artists through social media groups, workshops, markets, and community events. I will often take notes or photos when I see something that moves me or takes my breath away. I want to remember how I felt when I saw a certain piece or heard a certain song. The key is to not copy someone's work, but to let their creativity inspire and ignite something inside of you.

Share, Share, SHARE!

Share your art and creativity with the world. Not only will you inspire other artists and makers, but you will give others the courage to share as well. Be generous with your advice and knowledge, especially when it comes to working with a medium such as epoxy resin. Share your failures. Ask questions. You may help another maker who is too afraid to ask the very same question. Being a creative leader will not only help beginner artists reach their potential, but it will also propel your creative career further than you ever imagined. There is enough space and opportunity for all of us creators!