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The Live Panel discussion

Meet the Hosts

Kelly California
A California-based, multimedia artist who recently became the full-time Content Creation Specialist for MAS Epoxies. She loves to explore all forms of art and enjoys the entire creative process. Kelly uses her social media platforms to teach, entertain, and bring joy to viewers. She hopes that her work can inspire others in the way others have inspired her.
Adam Virginia
Originally starting his channel as a laid back approach to woodworking, DIY and tool reviews, Adam from Lazy Guy DIY and Maker Media Co is now involved with all aspects of the industry. Currently representing and consulting with brands and influencers, Adam knows what it takes to be successful as a maker on social media.

Meet the Panel

jessica moss
Jessica Tennessee
Jessica has been a resin artist for a little over a year. She is passionate about helping other artists grow and is always willing and eager to teach others about this art form
Ashley - Shesthecarpenter
Ashley California
Ashley started woodworking 4 years ago and started incorporating epoxy into her projects a year and a half ago. She has a love for encouraging others to find their passion in their own DIYs.
Hailey Nolin
Hailey Flordia
Working at a surf shop growing up, becoming the manager, and then getting lucky enough to be recruited at the age of 18 by the marketing team of an outdoor sportswear company as their Retail Marketing Coordinator, Hailey learned more than she ever thought she would about hosting events, managing retailers social media’s, and analyzing data.
Roni Langley | MAS Epoxies | RLL Designs
Roni North Carolina
Hoping to graduate college without debt, Roni started doing resin art as a hobby to pay the bills. After graduating, her hobby quickly turned into an overnight full time business and she faced the decision to leave corporate America for her own business or stay safe with her salary job. Now two years in, she’s never regretted leaving and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Roni’s learned a lot about running a business and a social media account over the past two years while supporting herself full time as a resin artist.
Annie Morcos | Annies Art Studio
Annie California
Annie Morcos is a resin fine artist who has been creating abstract multimedia art for over 6 years. Annie has a background in visual effects and has a unique insight on filming her art process to tell a story. She has also mastered the art of multi layer resin projects. Annie shares her process on her YouTube channel & also does video chat classes.
Kendra Michigan
Kendra is a talented woodworker with an emphasis in scroll work as well as resin. She is a full-time maker and is part of the social media team of a woodworking supplier.
Tito Wilson
Tito Tennessee
Tito is a full-time woodworker with an expansive knowledge base in epoxy as well as many other fields. He is based in Knoxville, TN and his work is showcased in many different venues.
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