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Art Epoxy

Not sure where to start in the epoxy world, but you're into art? Well, these are the epoxy resins for you! Table Top Pro is one of our best sellers! When paired with our Resin Ocean Art White Pigment it'll give you the amazing ocean effect you're after with a 30 minute work-time. Art Pro carries all the benefits of Table Top Pro, but has added UV protection and a longer work-time of 60 minutes, and Annie's Art Kit has a 20 minute work-time and is our go-to for shallow casting projects that need a thinner viscosity for bubble release.

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  • TableTop Pro 1 Gallon kit 30-260

    Table Top Pro Epoxy

    $57.99 - $147.99

    MAS Table Top Pro Epoxy is an easy-to-use, two-part epoxy table top finish. Compatible with color pigments, alcohol ink and acrylic paints, our table top epoxy is perfect for clear-coating surfaces like tables, bar tops, furniture, signs, artwork and...