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320 Clear Marine Hardener

Was: $42.99
Now: $19.98
320 Clear Hardener is a non-blushing ultra-clear hardener that can be used with our Marine Epoxy Traditional Resin for coating applications. After you have completed your structural lamination with 520 Slow or 510 Fast Hardener, use our Clear hardener to get the beautiful finish you deserve. This product is not designed for structural applications and should only be used with Marine Epoxy Traditional Resin.
  • Great for finishing wooden FRP construction boat hulls or other projects
  • Cost effective clear coat finish to enhance wooden projects
  • Clear coating provides water-tight finish

Purchase with Traditional Marine Resin for a complete system.

2/3 Pint 320 Clear Hardener pairs with Quart Traditional Marine Resin.

1/3 Gallon 320 Clear Hardener pairs with Gallon Traditional Marine Resin.


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Cubic Inches72

Cubic Feet0.04

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