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Bristol Finish Tropical Reducer for Traditional Amber

Usually ships in 24 hours.

Use the Tropical Reducer when high temperatures and humidity reduce working pot life. Acts to slow down the curing reaction in conditions over 90°F/32°C for longer pot life and better flow.

Included: 1 quart of Bristol Finish Tropical Reducer

Mix Ratio:

8 Parts Bristol to 1 part Tropical Reducer.  If you were mixing a pot it would be 8 parts resin, 1 part catalyst, and no more than 1  to 1.5 parts Tropical Reducer for an amateur user.  As usual we always recommend using less first and working up.  You can always add but not remove if you out in too much.  Loading level is highly dependent on temperature. 

How Much Will I Need?

What are the dimensions of your project?

Volume of your project

Cubic Inches72

Cubic Feet0.04

Amount of epoxy resin you will need