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Calibrated Pump Set


*Due to Covid-19 and the increased need for calibrated pumps for hand sanitizer and other disinfectant we cannot acquire pumps for our customers*

In the meantime, use our mixing cups that have all mix ratios on the side or measure by weight.  For more information on measuring by weight read here.

Calibrated pump sets measure your MAS Epoxies resin and hardener for you. We offer pump sets for 2:1, 3:1 and 5:1 by volume mix ratios.  Choose the calibrated pump set that coordinates with the resin and hardener you’re using for your project.

Note: One (1) full pump from each will give the exact mixture

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What You Can Expect

Product Details

  • 2:1 Calibrated Pump set works with Non-Blushing Low Viscosity Resin, FLAG resin and Slow, Medium or Fast Hardeners
  • 5:1 Calibrated Pump set works with Marine Epoxy Resin and 5:1 Slow or 5:1 Fast Hardener
  • 3:1 Calibrated Pump set works with Marine Epoxy Resin and 3:1 Clear Hardener not intended for use with MAS Deep Pour epoxy