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Fiberglass Cloth 6 oz. Resin & Epoxy Compatible for Molding Casting Rebuild & Reconstruct Boat Marine Automotive Repair


$48.99 $29.98
6 oz. fiberglass cloth is a standard in boat building applications. It can be used as a reinforcement over wood and other core materials, and is ideal for making repairs. When you need to use multiple layers of cloth, 6 oz. fiberglass cloth is ideal. Its 90-degree weave provides structural durability.
Usually ships in 24 hours.

Fiberglass cloth is a woven material available in various sizes to allow custom strength, thickness, and weight in projects. Fiberglass cloth provides great strength and durability when layered with a resin to form a hardened composite. This six ounce cloth is 3.9 mils thick.

Fiberglass cloth has many advantages:Greater tensile strength than steel wire of the same diameter;excellent fire and heat resistance; thermal conductivity (making it useful for insulation applications); and chemical resistance properties similar to glass. Durable and economical.

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