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Fiberglass Mat 1.5 oz Resin & Epoxy Compatible for Molding Casting Rebuild & Reconstruct Boat Marine Automotive Repair


$46.99 $32.98
1.5 oz. Fiberglass Mat is a non-woven material that can be used to build up a laminate structure. It can also be called chopped strand mat because it consists of randomly laid fibers held together with a styrene binder. This product is typically used with polyester resins in structural applications, but we recommend only using it for cosmetic finishing with your MAS Epoxy product.
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Fiberglass Mat, also known as Chopped Strand Mat or CSM for short, is a non-woven material typically used for laminate build-up and repair work. It consists of glass fibers laid randomly across each other and held together by a styrene binder.

Polyester is the preferred resin for wetting out this form of glass fiber material as it readily dissolves the styrene bonding agent.

Offered in various weights per square foot. The lightest version, veil mat, is used commonly as a finishing layer to mask any print-thru in a laminate schedule. This particular veil mat uses longer, thinner fibers than heavier mat weights also offered here. Think angel hair pasta to spaghetti fibers. Coarser, heavier mat is commonly used for bulk, random axis strength buildup and is also an excellent initial layer when bonding repair work.

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