MAS Gluzilla Fast

Gluzilla Fast


Gluzilla Fast is the little brother to our extremely popular Gluzilla cartridge adhesive. Just like Gluzilla you can just grab and go, but Gluzilla Fast offers a quicker cure time so you can move on faster. It is great for cooler ambient temperatures due to its accelerated cure time.

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What You Can Expect
  • Fast cure time helps you complete project more quickly!
  • Excellent sag resistance allows you to glue on non-horizontal surfaces
  • Recommended for gluing, bonding and filleting
  • Designed for use as an adhesive with various substrates including, wood, metal, glass, stone, etc.
  • Vaseline-like consistency allows for molding of the product after it is dispensed
  • Creates a water-tight seal for your woodworking or marine project
  • 185 mL size fits in a standard caulk gun
  • Use your extra static-mixer months later, just reseal the tube and prime before the next use
Product Specifications
  • Mix Ratio: 2 to 1 by volume
  • Working Time: 30 minutes at 70°F
  • Color: Slightly opaque white