Handy Repair Kit


The Handy Repair Kit gives you a convenient amount of the MAS Epoxies 2:1 Non-Blushing System for small repairs and emergency needs. The kit includes FLAG resin, medium hardener, mixing cups, mixing sticks and gloves, so you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

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What You Can Expect

Product Details

  • Small-size kit means you can store it on your boat or in your home for quick repairs
  • Includes ancillary products you’ll need so you don’t have to scramble for cups or gloves
  • Medium gel time is great for a variety of different projects and cures in a wide range of temperatures
Product Specifications
  • Mix Ratio: 2 to 1 by volume
  • Gel Time: 25 minutes at 77°F in 150g mass
  • Hardness: 84 Shore D
  • Small Size Includes: 8 oz. FLAG resin, 4 oz. Medium Hardener, 8 oz. Wood Flour, 4 mixing cups, 8 mixing sticks and 8 gloves
  • Medium Size Includes: 16 oz. FLAG resin, 8 oz. Medium Hardener, 4 mixing cups, 10 mixing sticks and 8 gloves