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Non-Blushing Fast Hardener


$32.99 - $142.99
The speediest hardener of our MAS Epoxies 2:1 Non-blushing System, Fast hardener gives you laminating power without the wait.  Since it’s part of our 2:1 system, it can be paired with LV Resin or FLAG Resin and mixed with our Medium and/or Slow Hardener as needed.  Additionally, at average temperatures you can re-coat with LV Resin and Fast Hardener in around 2 hours, which means you can get more done in a day, saving you time and energy.
Usually ships in 24 hours.
  • No messy wash downs due to non-blushing properties
  • Tough finish means you get the structure and finish you want with one product
  • Fast gel time is great for small gluing projects and cool temperatures

How Much Will I Need?

What are the dimensions of your project?

Volume of your project

Cubic Inches72

Cubic Feet0.04

Amount of epoxy resin you will need