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Penetrating Epoxy Resin Wood Hardener & Sealer


$39.99 - $57.99
We can help you if you have ever experienced incomplete curing from other penetrating epoxy systems. Our MAS Epoxies Penetrating Epoxy Sealer is solvent free (100% solids) so you know you are going to get penetrating power and a complete cure. It also means that our Penetrating Epoxy is VOC-Free, which brings our customers peace of mind.  A resin sealer like our Penetrating Epoxy System is ideal for repairs because of their strength and waterproofing characteristics.  If you need a resin wood sealer that has great penetrating power look no further.
Usually ships in 24 hours.

Penetrating Epoxy Wood Sealer and Hardener

  • Packaged solvent-free epoxy sealer so you can use it without concerns of VOCs
  • Excellent penetrating power without adding your own solvent
  • Seals gaps and strengthens areas in rotten wood that are not visible externally
  • Penetrates deep into wood - reinforces soft wood fibers. 
  • Interior and Exterior use


  • Excellent for:
    • Window sills
    • Deck repair
    • Door frames
    • Transom reinforcement
    • Wood rot
    • Termite and insect damage
    • Historic preservation
    • Marine boats and docks
    • Seal new porous wood and live edges to avoid bubbles with deep pour epoxy projects
    • And many other projects ...

Meet MAS Epoxies' revolutionary Penetrating Epoxy Sealer - the ultimate solution for strengthening soft wood. Unlike other epoxy sealers, ours is 100% solids and completely solvent-free, meaning no worries about harmful VOCs. Use it to reinforce canoes, repair window sills, fix wood rot, and so much more. This incredible wood stabilizer penetrates deeply, saturating rotted wood for unbeatable results. Don't miss out - try MAS Epoxies today and discover why both beginners and professionals are raving about our wood sealant.

Erik Curtis used MAS Penetrating Epoxy to stabilize insect damage and create a sculpture!

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