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Resin Ocean Art White Pigment Dye


Struggling to find the best white pigment for resin ocean waves? Look no further! This opaque white colorant was specifically formulated to create crisp resin cells with minimal effort! It pairs perfectly with Art Pro and Table Top Pro for stunning resin lacing.  

Usually ships in 24 hours.

In 2019 we launched Art Pro; an epoxy resin formulated from the input of dozens of artists, woodworkers and creators. We then set out to create the same magic in a white pigment for ocean art that paired seamlessly with Table Top Pro and Art Pro

The task seemed simple; Create an economically priced white pigment that easily forms cells with minimal effort. After extensive in-house testing we felt we had a great pigment and sent samples to 20 resin artists to trial and provide feedback.

After hearing that feedback we are excited to present MAS Epoxies Resin Ocean Art White Pigment Dye! A colorant developed for ocean art with an abnormally long product long name… To be clear, we put all our energy into getting a solid product and well let’s be honest dropped the ball on the name! 

*MAS Ocean Art Resin Pigment ships with a protective seal within the cap. Before your first use, puncture the seal with a paper clip or pin in order for the pigment to flow out easily.

How Much Will I Need?

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Volume of your project

Cubic Inches72

Cubic Feet0.04

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