Roni Langley

About Roni

Location: Charlotte NC

How long have you used epoxy resin? 
A year and a half. 

Why did you choose epoxy? 
When I was in college I had an 18 credit hour semester and a part time unpaid internship with no time left over to serve tables. Because of that I couldn’t pay my bills, so I knew I needed another income source. I decided to make and sell art, but got my product list confused and bought the wrong material. When the resin arrived, I realized my mistake but it was too late to return it. It was an accident at first, but once I started working with it I fell in love. Later that year I switched over to MAS and it’s grown since there!

What are your choice mediums?  
I prefer working with acrylic, resin, and wood. Working with natural wood is my favorite because it pairs beautifully with the glossy resin and colors!

What are your “Must-Have” supplies?
Alcohol wipes
Weight scale,
Stir sticks
Blow torch
Heat gun
Table covers

What advice or tips would you to give to someone just starting out
You can watch all the YouTube videos in the world but it won’t give you the experience you need. Take time to learn the medium and don’t be impatient with yourself, it takes time. And find what inspires you! Don’t just copy the designs you see online or in the YouTube tutorials, figure out your own style. Never stop experimenting and trying new things!

What are the qualities to look for in a resin you would use for your art? 
I look for a decent working time, a shiny smooth surface, low odor, and affordability.

How do those qualities match with ArtPRO?
ArtPRO has a great finish, plenty of working time, low odor, and is affordable for its quality! 

How can someone interested in your work contact you?
Through my Instagram! @rll.designs

Studio Space:
And I work in my bedroom on a folding table right now, but I’m desperately hoping for more working space in the future. Because art is something I’m so passionate about, I’ve been able to make it work, but my set up right now is a little tough. However, when it comes down to it, all you need is a table and supplies to make any space an art space!

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  1. Amazing work. I saw one of your videos on TikTok. Keep it up

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