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National Watermelon Day Epoxy Resin Coasters

Did you know watermelons are 92% water and you can eat the entire fruit!? The website MentalFloss maintains: While we tend to focus on the melon’s succulent flesh, watermelon rinds are also edible—as well as full of nutrients with surprising health benefits. In China, the rinds are often stir-fried or stewed, while in the South, cooks like […]

3D Chevron Resin Art

How to Make 3D Resin Art Have you ever thought, “Oh no, I can’t paint that…I can barely draw a stick figure”? Think again! You CAN paint this, and I’ll show you exactly how! Come join me while I teach you the easiest way to create this awesome layered, chevron design…no stick figures required. Materials […]

DIY Resin Coasters

DIY Patriotic Epoxy Resin Coasters

Learn how to make your own coasters with epoxy resin … and a patriotic twist! This fun and easy DIY epoxy resin coaster set will definitely jazz up your coffee table or office for your summer of fireworks and grill-outs! Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to create these unique DIY Fourth […]

Red White and Blue Epoxy with Soldier Ink Transfer

Memorial Day Resin Art

Transferring Images with Epoxy Resin In honor of Memorial Day, we want to thank and remember those Military Members who gave their lives protecting our great country. We made a special resin art project to honor those who have fallen. This project was made using MAS Epoxies Table Top Epoxy in layered pours. Once the […]

Kim Rose Art Table Top Epoxy

Awesome Resin Art with MAS Epoxies

We are super impressed with the creative resin art our customers have been making.  Adding resin to canvas or other media can give some awesome dimensional effects you can’t get any other way.  Check out the wood and resin, canvas and color art made with our epoxy. From canvas art to coasters here are some […]