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DIY BOO Sheet Decorative Hanger

Learn How to Create This Ghoulish Hanger! 2020 has been a rough year, so let’s have a little fun with this Halloween inspired decorative hanger! Check out the FULL tutorial below to learn how to create a “This is BOO sheet” art piece that is perfect for hanging your face masks, jewelry, keys, dog leashes […]

Floral Image Transfer with Epoxy

Follow along in the article/video below to learn how to make a custom sign by transferring an image and graphic onto wood with epoxy resin. This is a fun project that can provide a lot of creative potential in multiple applications. All you need is your epoxy, images/graphics, transparency film and a printer.  What you […]

DIY Spooky Resin Coasters

Learn How to Create a Spooktacular Coaster Whether you’re a dentist looking for the perfect coaster to set your drink on or if you’re a lover of the spookier things in life, this DIY spooktacular resin coaster is for you! Check out the full tutorial below, to learn how to create this conversation starter for […]

DIY Resin Tray Makeover

How to Create a Functional and Fun Resin Tray Whether you prefer an ice-cold margarita or a hot cup of tea, this glittering blue mosaic tray makes for a show stopping presentation. This DIY tray is a super easy and fun way to add a little bit of whimsy to your daily routine. Materials Used: […]

National Watermelon Day Epoxy Resin Coasters

Did you know watermelons are 92% water and you can eat the entire fruit!? The website MentalFloss maintains: While we tend to focus on the melon’s succulent flesh, watermelon rinds are also edible—as well as full of nutrients with surprising health benefits. In China, the rinds are often stir-fried or stewed, while in the South, cooks like […]

Epoxy Resin End Grain Coffee Table

Getting Started If you are looking for a budget-friendly table, bar or countertop that is really simple to build, look no further!  You can likley source the branches and logs from your own yard! Follow along with Jessica @nottooshabbybyjess step-by-step to see just how simple this build is! Materials Needed: MAS Penetrating Epoxy MAS Tabletop Epoxy *MAS […]

DIY Wakesurf Board

Build your own Wakesurf Board out of foam, fiberglass and epoxy! Learn how to complete the process from start to finish along and see what materials you will need for this fun project! Check out the video Shaping your Board Trace out your board design and cut it to shape. Once you have your board […]

3D Chevron Resin Art

How to Make 3D Resin Art Have you ever thought, “Oh no, I can’t paint that…I can barely draw a stick figure”? Think again! You CAN paint this, and I’ll show you exactly how! Come join me while I teach you the easiest way to create this awesome layered, chevron design…no stick figures required. Materials […]