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Learn how to create a soap, spray paint and resin painting!

Jan 14th 2021

Let's Get Creative with Soap!

Let’s get messy with this soap, spray paint and epoxy craft! Have you ever seen a DIY tutorial that looked so fun that you immediately went out and bought supplies? Well, that happened to me after watching an artist use dish soap, spray paint and epoxy to create an awesome work of art on a tumbler. I hope this tutorial brings you that same feeling of excitement and inspiration!

Materials Used:

  • Table Top Pro epoxy
  • Sculpted Panels Water 16″ Round
  • EZ Forms
  • SC Johnson Paste Wax
  • White Gesso
  • Variety of Golden high flow acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Craft glitter
  • Frogtape painter’s tape
  • Rust-oleum Midnight Blue spray paint
  • Dawn Platinum Powerwash dish spray
  • Rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs
  • Culinary torch
  • Bosch palm sander
  • Hose water

Table Top Pro Epoxy for epoxy resin table
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