Table Top Epoxy


If you want the appearance of 50 coats of varnish with just one pour, look no further than our Table Top Epoxy. This 1:1 epoxy system provides you with a protective glass-like finish on any surface. Table Top Epoxy goes on in thick pours that self-level. Everything about Table Top Epoxy makes it easy to get an alluring clear finish quickly and easily.

1 Gallon Table Top kit includes 1/2 gallon of resin and 1/2 gallon of hardener.

2 Quart Table Top kit includes 1 quart of resin and 1 quart of hardener.

What You Can Expect

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Table Top Epoxy Coverage Information

For best results use at 70F

Ideal bar top epoxy coating and other unique projects

Specifically formulated to have an ultra-clear, glass like finish

Enhances wood grain on natural hard woods 

Compatible with wood, metal, concrete and other surfaces so you have endless options


Product Specifications
  • Mix Ratio: 1 to 1 by volume
  • Working Time: 20 minutes at 70° F
  • Color: Clear