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FLAG Resin

$42.99 - $111.99
FLAG Resin is a part our Medium-Viscosity 2:1 Non-Blushing Resin. FLAG stands for filling, laminating and gluing. It is compatible with LV Resin and the Slow, Medium and Fast Hardeners, so you can create a custom epoxy that meets your needs.

*This Product is Resin only.  See the chart below to determine which hardener you need.

  • No messy wash downs due to non-blushing properties
  • Ideal for laminating non-horizontal surfaces because of increased sag resistance
  • Recommended for use with our fillers and Medium Hardener for gluing, bonding and filleting
  • Designed for use as an adhesive with any of the 2:1 non-blushing hardeners
  • Clear finish means you get the structure and finish you want with one product
  • Clarity and compatibility with a variety of hardener speeds makes it ideal for creative projects
FLAG Resin Size  Slow Hardener Medium Hardener Fast Hardener
Quart Pint Slow Hardener Pint Medium Hardener Pint Fast Hardener
Half Gallon Quart Slow Hardener Quart Medium Hardener Quart Fast Hardener
Gallon Half Gallon Slow Hardener Half Gallon Medium Hardener Half Gallon Fast Hardener

Ways to Use FLAG Resin

How Much Will I Need?

What are the dimensions of your project?

Volume of your project

Cubic Inches72

Cubic Feet0.04

Amount of epoxy resin you will need