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DIY Foil Coaster Set

Learn How to Create This Fun Coaster Set! Not all projects go as planned but that’s just part of the fun! Join us as we

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The Ultimate Epoxy Resin Mixing Guide

1. Find a suitable size container. Use an appropriate sized cup so your epoxy only fills 3/4 of the way to the top. 

2. Combine resin and hardener at recommended mix ratio.

3. Mix for 3-4 minutes while scraping sides and bottom of container until no streaks or striations.

4. Transfer to second container mix 1-2 minutes again until fully blended

5. Let sit for 1-2 minutes to allow air bubbles a chance to start rising to surface, and then use immediately.

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DIY Spooky Resin Coasters

Learn How to Create a Spooktacular Coaster Whether you’re a dentist looking for the perfect coaster to set your drink on or if you’re a

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DIY Resin Tray Makeover

How to Create a Functional and Fun Resin Tray Whether you prefer an ice-cold margarita or a hot cup of tea, this glittering blue mosaic

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DIY Wakesurf Board

Build your own Wakesurf Board out of foam, fiberglass and epoxy! Learn how to complete the process from start to finish along and see what

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3D Chevron Resin Art

How to Make 3D Resin Art Have you ever thought, “Oh no, I can’t paint that…I can barely draw a stick figure”? Think again! You

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Why is my epoxy not hardening?

There are numerous reasons why resin can cure improperly. If you found this page you were probably thinking… Why is my resin flexible? How long does resin take

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Red White and Blue Epoxy with Soldier Ink Transfer

Memorial Day Resin Art

Transferring Images with Epoxy Resin In honor of Memorial Day, we want to thank and remember those Military Members who gave their lives protecting our

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MAS Table Top Pro Epoxy FAQ

Here is a list of common tips and techniques about MAS Table Top Pro epoxy application process. Product information regarding cure time, surface preparation, hardness,

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