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Try Woodzilla for your next filleting project, instead of adding the wood flour on your own. When you buy Woodzilla you are letting us worry about adding the correct amount of wood flour so you just get to enjoy creating beautiful fillets. Just like the other cartridges each Woodzilla comes with two static mixers so you can use the same tube several times.
Usually ships in 24 hours.
  • Wood colored for fillets in bright boats
  • Sandable after complete cure
  • Recommended for gluing, bonding and filleting
  • Designed for use as an adhesive with various substrates including, wood, metal, glass, stone, etc.
  • Peanut butter consistency allows for molding of the product after it is dispensed
  • Creates a water-tight seal for your woodworking or marine project
  • 185 mL size check out our caulk gun here
  • Use your extra static-mixer months later, just reseal the tube and prime before the next use


MAS Woodzilla is two-part, wood-filled, epoxy paste adhesive conveniently packaged in a cartridge. This quick curing brown colored epoxy paste is excellent for bonding, sealing, filling and filleting applications. Ideally suited for stitch and glue construction. The peanut butter consistency holds glue lines without dripping or sagging. Woodzilla can be painted, drilled, machined, sanded, tapped or cut after full cure.

• Convenient cartridge fits a standard caulking gun
• Cures quickly for fast gluing and bonding projects
• No need to measure and mix tough to work with wood flour

For best results use this product at or above 55°F. Surfaces should be clean, dry and sanded before application to remove dirt, dust, grease, loose paint, oils or other contaminants. The adhesive will gel in about 50 minutes at 77°F. Assemble and clamp parts in position before the adhesive begins to gel. Keep parts clamped until the adhesive is cured, about 24 hours.

Cure time is faster at warmer temperatures and slower at cooler temperatures.

Remove retaining nut and nose plug from the top of the cartridge. Insert the cartridge into a caulk gun. For best results use a caulk gun with an 8 to 1 thrust ratio or higher. Dispense a small amount of material from the cartridge before attaching the static mixing nozzle to ensure that the two components (Part A and Part B) are flowing from both sides of the cartridge nozzle. Attach the static mixing nozzle to the cartridge and if necessary, reinstall the retaining nut. Tighten firmly. Trim the tip of the static mixing nozzle to deliver the desired size bead. Material should flow from the static mixing nozzle in one uniform color when dispensed. The adhesive may also be dispensed without a static mixing nozzle, but must be dispensed into a cup and thoroughly mixed before application

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