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Time Saving Adhesives

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  • Gluzilla


    $24.99 - $51.99

    Product Details: This time saving epoxy adhesive can assist with hundreds of applications, on a variety of substrates, without the mess and waste of measuring and mixing. The 185 ml cartridge fits into a standard caulking gun and includes two static...

  • Handy Repair Kit

    Handy Repair Kit

    $26.99 - $53.99

    Small-size kit means you can store it on your boat or in your home for quick repairs Includes ancillary products you’ll need so you don’t have to scramble for cups or gloves Medium gel time is great for a variety of different projects and...

  • Crackzilla



    Recommended for filling or assisting in laminating as well as a concrete epoxy adhesive Designed for use as a filler on various substrates including, wood, metal, glass, stone, concrete, etc. Great concrete crack filler epoxy that easily flows into...

  • gluzilla fast for a water tight seal

    Gluzilla Fast


    Fast cure time helps you complete project more quickly! Excellent sag resistance allows you to glue on non-horizontal surfaces Recommended for gluing, bonding and filleting Designed for use as an adhesive with various substrates including, wood, metal,...