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About Us

How we make really good epoxy

History of Innovation

Our Journey Began in 1991

MAS Epoxies designed innovative epoxy chemistry to create a system that would more efficiently wet out wood and glass fiber. The desire to build a better product for boat and composite part builders did not end with better wet out. We worked to provide a system that would be easier to measure, offer an infinite combination of hardening speeds, have a low odor, and be a greener approach to laminate construction by reducing time spent and consumables needed to wash amine blush off your project. The high elongation and low viscosity of our system allowed customers to get a strong, beautiful end-product every time.

Today, MAS Epoxies’ 2 to 1 Non-Blushing System still stands out as the leader in non-blushing epoxy systems, having been used to build over 30,000 custom canoes, kayaks, sailboats, yachts and stitch and glue work boats. We continue to improve our 2 to 1 system to keep up with new technologies, while still offering all the benefits we originally set out to provide our customers–ease of use and a strong beautiful finish.

A perfect fit for every project

In-House Manufacturing & Product Development

Today, all of our products are manufactured under one roof in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. In-house manufacturing and quality control allow us to provide you premier products at a competitive price. It also allows us to bring you new and innovative products you’ve come to expect from MAS Epoxies. Now, not only do we offer our 2:1 non-blushing system that changed boat building over 20 years ago, we make products for a variety of specific applications. Our newest product additions like Table Top Pro, Art Pro and Deep Pour were developed with top chemistry, performance and the customer in mind. Each of them offers a unique benefit to the consumer and keep with our original goal which is to save you time and give you the strength and beauty you need from your epoxy. Check out our specialty products to see our newest additions.

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We’re just getting started

Our favorite part of this business is working with the users of our products. From customers building their first kayak in their garage to professional woodworkers with decades of experience, nothing makes us happier than hearing a MAS Epoxies success story. Share yours with us on Facebook or Instagram and tag @MASEpoxies so we can share your photos with our community.

Meet MAS Epoxies


Dave Hoeffel

"We are proud to be one of the only epoxy suppliers that formulates, manufactures, packages and ships their own epoxy products."

Derek Shurson

"As a brand, we are a resource for technical service and application techniques by providing our customers with the best product for their application"

Kelly Johnson

Content Creation Specialist
"Inspiring others to be creative, try new materials, and step out of their comfort zone is the highlight of my day."

Matt Keddie

Media Manager
"We're focused on helping you create in ways that never existed with epoxies developed directly with makers and artists"

Paige Roering

Marketing Director
"We want to provide our customers with products that are easy to use, save them time and help them create beautiful projects."