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Epoxy & Varnish Tied the Knot

Epoxy & Varnish Tied the Knot

Posted by BigCommerce on Jul 14th 2023

Dynamic Duo Epoxy and Varnish

We are happy to announce that MAS Epoxies has joined with Bristol Finish to offer the best epoxy & UV varnish systems for interior & exterior applications from start to finish. Bristol Finish is a two part acrylic polyurethane that replaces varnish and lasts longer. When you combine MAS Epoxies and Bristol Finish you get an extremely durable, waterproof, and sun-proof final product.


Epoxy is waterproof, and it just so happens that Bristol Finish is as well. People who have varnishing experience know that even with waterproof varnish you can encounter areas in corners or at seams where moisture gets into the wood. By starting with MAS Epoxies Penetrating Epoxy Sealer, or any of our laminating products, you can mitigate this risk. The epoxy will seal the surface and varnish can be applied on top after sanding and cleaning the surface.


Epoxy products in general do not like to be in the sun. We know many MAS customers use paint or varnish to protect their epoxy from chalking or yellowing. The amazing thing is that a clear coat of acrylic polyurethane will protect your project from both of those common problems. Apply 4-6 coats of Bristol Finish by brushing or spraying over your bright work and protect it from UV exposure.