Deep Pour Epoxy


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MAS Deep Pour Epoxy Resin System is a 100% solid, two-component, three to one by volume mix ratio formulated for deep pour casting, encapsulating and molding applications. It cures within 24-36 hours at 70 degrees F creating a clear, glass like finish that resists scratching and yellowing with an extended gel time to minimize exotherm and improved air release.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a advanced epoxy resin system. Please take into consideration the volume of epoxy you pour into a void. Pouring too much epoxy into a large area may result in shrinking, yellowing or cracking. If you have any questions or concerns about the process please give us a call or send us an email at


Maximum Pour Depth:  We recommend pouring to maximum thickness of 1-2 inches.  For larger voids and thicker pours, we recommend step pouring 1 in. at a time.  ALWAYS allow the previous pour to cool past the peak exotherm before step pouring, adding additional material, overtop. For best results, let the first pour cure, lightly sand the surface and wipe clean before applying the next layer of epoxy.


Temperature Range:  65-80°F.  DO NOT pour epoxy in conditions over 80°F.  Higher temperatures will accelerate the epoxy curing process, resulting in discoloration, shrinkage and/or cracking.


Wood must be dry. We recommend sealing any wood or porous surfaces prior to using Deep Pour Epoxy. Penetrating Epoxy Sealer works great for sealing the wood to reduce the risk of air bubbles and foam appearing while curing.