Non-Blushing Slow Hardener


Slow Hardener is a 2:1 non-blushing hardener. It can be paired with our LV Resin or FLAG Resin and mixed with the 2:1 Medium Hardener and/or Fast Hardener, making it one of the most versatile epoxy hardeners on the market.  You get more time than with other supplier’s “Slow Hardeners” so it’s easier to work with in high temperatures and for beginners.  Slow Hardener gives you strength, beauty and a four-hour working time.

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What You Can Expect
  • No messy wash downs due to non-blushing properties
  • Easily laminates large areas of fiberglass or carbon cloth when paired with Slow Hardener
  • Ideal for saturation coating because of self-leveling properties
  • Low viscosity is compatible with vacuum bagging applications
  • Excellent sealant when used without fiberglass or carbon cloth
  • Clear finish means you get the structure and finish you want with one product
Product Specifications
  • Mix Ratio: 2 to 1 by volume
  • Gel Time: 40 minutes at 77°F in 150g mass
  • Work Life: 4 hours at 70°F
  • Hardness: 83 Shore D