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MAS Epoxies has a large stock of epoxy products you can buy online that can help you complete your project no matter what. Regardless of whether you’re looking to buy epoxy resin for your woodworking project, your boat, or your art, our products are affordable and designed to be as effective as possible. The epoxy supplies we carry not only look great but also make objects more durable. 

Our products range from epoxy resins to resin craft supplies, including dispensing guns, syringes, and notched towels — and you can buy any of these epoxy supplies online

If you’re looking to buy epoxy resin and supplies online today or just to keep browsing, our website makes things easy to navigate; just click “Filters” on the top right side and customize your product search based on price and category. 

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Table Top Pro Epoxy


Deep Pour Epoxy


Art Pro Epoxy


Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin


Mixing Cups


Penetrating Epoxy Sealer


Non-Blushing Slow Hardener


Non-Blushing Medium Hardener


FLAG Resin


Calibrated Pump Set

60 cc Syringes


Plastic Spreader (3 pack)


Mixing Sticks


Traditional Marine Resin


9” Nylon Roller Cover




Non-Blushing Fast Hardener


520 Slow Marine Hardener





Wood Flour


Bristol Finish UV Clear Urethane Varnish

Static Mixers


Colloidal Silica