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WorkBench Con 2022 Recap

Mar 3rd 2022

The Conference for Makers and Content Creators!

The MAS Epoxies marketing team and some of our top influencers had the pleasure of meeting a group of incredibly talented and creative makers on February 24-26, 2022! Being a part of this growing network of makers, influencers, and creatives who are discovering new techniques, products, and skills all while learning how to take their businesses to the next level, was such an amazing experience. Thank you to all who came out to WorkBench Con 2022!  

We Came

Our marketing team is made up of four, hard working individuals from all over the US. We have Matt (Brand Manager), Derek (Advertising | Content Creator | Sales), Hailey (Digital Marketing Specialist), and Kelly (Creation Developer). We spent months planning, scheduling, and packing to be prepared for WorkBench Con...and boy were we in for one crazy ride! This conference was such a cool experience for everyone involved. We were able to inspire and educate others, while building conections with other brands and members of the maker community. We learned so much from the creators at WorkBench Con and we hope to go again in the coming years.

We Taught and Inspired

The Makers Challenge Central was kind enough to invite MAS Epoxies to host two educational and creative classes at WorkBench Con. Matt, Derek, and their special guest Blake McFarland taught a class about the many uses of epoxy resin outside of the normal scope woodworkers are accustomed to. For example, using epoxy for structural applications in woodworking. Blake showcased using Penetrating epoxy on a porous piece of wood to show how it soaks in and adds structural stability. They also used our MAS LV resin paired with our Slow hardener and 6 oz fiberglass to show how to add long-lasting strength to wood. Our second class was taught by Hailey and Kelly. They lead a group of 40 makers in an epoxy resin coaster techniques demo. The makers got to get hands-on with creating a faux crushed velvet coaster and a DIY epoxy terrazzo coaster. This class used MAS Epoxies' Flag resin and Medium hardener so the students could pick up their finished pieces a couple hours after the class was over.

We Met a Talented Community of Makers

The connections MAS Epoxies as a brand made and the connections each of us on the marketing team personally made on this trip, were invaluable to the growth of our business and our passions. Being able to network with like minded individuals at WorkBench Con was inspirational and will open doors for more creativity and collaborations in the future. If you're looking for a way to meet makers and grow your brand...this conference is definitely a step in the right direction!

Some of the products we showed at WBC!

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